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With over 37 years of cross-industry expertise and international business advisory, I have become a skilled authority in marketing and global markets. My focus lies in venturing into new markets and fostering sustained growth.

Coming from a humble background, I learned discipline, organization, and perseverance from a young age—values that have been pivotal in my academic and professional journey. Sports taught me to strive for my goals, a spirit that has translated into my academic and professional achievements, which have been rewarding.

My international career has provided me with invaluable cross-cultural experience, having lived in seven countries. Opening operations in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean posed a significant challenge, followed by expansions to the U.S. East Coast, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. I successfully pioneered new markets across various industries.

Leveraging my international experience, I've had the privilege of teaching International Trade and Marketing at postgraduate levels in private universities in the United States and Costa Rica. Furthermore, I've led seminars across different countries for businesses aiming to expand and tap into international markets.

Naturally and fluently engaging with individuals from diverse cultures has been pivotal in establishing robust global business connections.

From an early age, I've nurtured a success-oriented mindset, relentlessly pursuing and achieving my goals.



Throughout my consultancy career, I've been fortunate to amass extensive expertise in various consulting domains, offering my services to companies and organizations across multiple countries.

At Inplasa, I had the opportunity to conduct market research and formulate sales strategies for Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, the United States, and El Salvador, with a focus on the flexible packaging sector.

During my tenure at Innovative Plastic Process Corp., I was able to provide consultancy for a feasibility study to secure necessary funding for production expansion and develop a robust Business Plan for the Caribbean.

My time at Advance Quality Cutting Dies, Inc. was particularly rewarding, involving business feasibility consultations to support a financial proposal.

Some of the standout projects in my career encompass:

This robust business consultancy experience coupled with my profound understanding of international markets have positioned me as an authority in the field, equipped to provide high-level strategic guidance to companies and a distinct trajectory towards business consultancy.


As a distinguished professional in the realm of international marketing and sustainable growth, I've had the privilege of conducting a series of impactful seminars that have left a substantial mark on participants. All my seminars are duly registered with the Intellectual Property Registry of El Salvador, ensuring their quality and originality.

Some of the captivating topics I've had the privilege to delve into include:

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I have had the privilege of sharing my expertise at renowned educational institutions, providing students with a strong foundation for their professional growth. Below are some of the subjects in which I have taught classes:

Ricardo Cromeyer dando una clase

These teaching opportunities have enabled me to share my experience and knowledge, guiding and influencing the development of future professionals to tackle the challenges of the business world and the international market.


As a part of my professional journey, I have embraced a holistic view of success, melding excellence in my work performance with a humanitarian commitment and social responsibility.

I've actively engaged as a volunteer in various activities, for I believe in the significance of making positive contributions to society and advocating for ethical and sustainable business practices.

In every endeavor, my focus remains on creating a meaningful impact. Through my experience and leadership, I aim to foster shared value, connecting business success positively with community well-being and environmental stewardship. I am steadfast in my commitment to continue working in this direction to contribute towards a more humane world.

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